1. From the first day I saw you were on Australia got talent. My jaw dropped to hear and see such raw talent. I would chew off my left giant toe to see you play in Ireland. I’ll even pay for the beer Owen. Please mate. Thanks for the music, reaches deep into the soul.

  2. Another man from Ireland here looking to hear your great music. Glad to hear you might make it over this year!
    A few songs and a few pints ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  3. Hi Owen…saw you on Australia’s Got Talent and instantly fell in love with the raw talent that you have. The rasp in your voice is very much comparable to Kelly Jone’s of Stereophonics.

    Remember To Breathe is more or less stapled to my Playlist. I love the Guitar-Acapella switch-over in the song itself. Would love to see you come to the UK and I’d be first in line for tickets

  4. excuse my english I’m french
    So happy to know you made a new record. Hope to see you soon in france again, you’ll be able to wear your wooden hat to keep your head warm.

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