1. hey Owens management
    big muso fan from southeastern side of Melbourne how much would he charge to play my 40th birthday i can provide accommodation airport transfers and up to 3 spots on local radio just wondering how much it would be to have him play July 29th 2015.

    1. Hi Nigel,
      Thanks for the invite mate,unfortunately I cant make your party as Im going to be in the US round that date,
      Im recording a new album with Devon Allman in Memphis.
      I hope you have a great party,I will be there in spirit!
      All the best 🙂

  2. hey owen i like your songs …….. i am a big fan of yours … can you tell me when are you coming to india. I would love to listen to you .

  3. Your music touches me in all the right spots right down to my soul. If not for your sexy Aussie accent I would swear you are from Kentucky,USA. I found your music on u-tube, On your visit to Tennessee wish you’d come to Kentucky. Your music would be so popular if you were known to more people here. If I were a young lady I’d already be one of your roadies of which you must have plenty. Also there’s nothing wrong with your self confidence and cockiness. Females love cockiness as long as there is no meaness intended to others.

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