1. JESS!! Holy shit its you!! Long time hey! What a crazy few years its been, thankfully I’ve chilled out and dont go mad like I used to! Hope you are well!!!!! I thought I’d let you know my NEW album is FINALLY finished! I’ve started a kickstarter campaign to launch it, please check out the video on the link below and see how you can get involved! Let me know how you are going???? Owen https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robertowencampbell/revolutionising-my-music-business/dashboard

  1. Hey Owen. I met you in Sydney yesterday on Pitt Street-I’m the guy that you waited for while I went to find a pen so you could sign my copy of your new CD-thanks so much for waiting 🙂
    I’ve played The Pilgrim album non-stop since I got it-absolutely love it and so glad to have come across you playing that day! Just wanted to let you know and hope you see this message 🙂 I’ll definitely be buying the rest of your music too 🙂 Best wishes for you and your music. Frank 🙂

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