Owen Campbell has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old

and is one of Australia’s most talented slide guitar players and songwriters,

with his gravelly blend of blues,roots, soul and country,and a voice that belies his 27 years.


Along with his unflinching ability to sing it sweet and play it dirty,

he creates a perfect blend of melody thats simple but right,as is the way with the blues…

Described as “Possibly one of the best performers to come out of Australia for quite sometime,

amazing lap steel slide guitar and a songwriting ability that belies his years” (Argus News Ireland),

Campbell combines a moving,gutsy, old time sound that marries authenticity with incredible energy.

Its honest music that tells a story,rich with influences from The Band,Van Morrison,

Townes Van Zandt, a little Johnny Cash, and the raspy emotion of Ray Lamontagne,

Campbell’s bluesy drawl melded with a soulful slide guitar, beckons his audience to join him in

his steamy, swampy, growling world.

Owen has been touring non-stop, impressing audiences all ove the globe, from Ireland and the UK,India,Austria,Berlin and Papua New Guinea, from the highest blues festival in the world;The Himalayan Blues Festival in Katmandu (2008/2010),Nepal, as well as at home in Australia. To support the release of his seminal new album “Sunshine Road” he will be touring Europe and Australia throughout 2011,be prepared!…..

“Owen is something different.The music issuing forth was Australian,bluesy and interesting..” – Irish News,2009

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  1. Love your music/talent! First saw/heard you outside Woolies at Dickson and got Postcards from a Cell; then saw you in Civic and got Mice on the Wheel (didn’t think it was as good as the first); then saw you again in Civic and got Live in Ireland.

    All up… Brilliant!!! have just listened to “The making of Sunshine Road” and sounds fantastic. Will order on-line in the next couple of minutes but if something goes wrong I’m sure I’ll see you about town sometime and get a copy then.

    keep on doing what you’re doing.

  2. Hey Owen, a mate recently lent me a copy of Live In Ireland which he brought from you on the street in Melb. I loved it. Sunshine Road arrived in the mail on Friday. Listened to it right through today, then did it again straight away, which is always a good sign! Great bunch of tracks – is it possible for them all to be standouts??!! Gonna wear this CD out on JuzBlooz here in Warrnambool. Any plans to venture down this way?

    1. Hey mate!
      Thanks for gettin in touch,Im glad your enjoyin the tunes! Im in copenhagen at the moment,gonna be touring thru ireland,Uk an then home to OZ for the summer season. Hopefully I get down your way,if I do Ill let you know!
      All the very best,thanks for your support 🙂

    2. Gday Lazy Lester! Sorry for the delayed response! Gonna be touring down VIC way later in the year! I thought I’d let you know my NEW album is FINALLY finished! I’ve started a kickstarter campaign to launch it, please check out the video on the link below and see how you can get involved! Thanks for your support and see you down in VIC later in the year! Owen

  3. Hi Owen,

    My wife and I saw you jamming in a park in Copenhagen while on our honeymoon. I was so impressed by your playing that we stopped to listen inspite of the oncoming rain storm.

    I subsequently bought a copy of ‘Sunshine Road’, which we played nearly every day in our little holiday apartment in the coastal town of ‘Nykobing’. Just wanted to let you know that your music will forever be the soundtrack to two people’s honeymoon.

    Best of luck,

  4. Ageing Baby Boomer public servant (who used to play half decent rythm guitar once upon a life time, in a galaxy far away) was wandering through Civic (why do they call it that) in Canberra yesterday and heard some of the sweetest blues and slide guitar he’s heard in a long time.

    Looked over and saw just one guy with a lap guitar & a mike making all this amazing music

    Bought the album and loved it!

    Owen, you are one very talented young man!

  5. hey i was on youtube an came across ur video on agt i loved it ur amazing i cant stop listin to yours songs i love sunshine road iam from usa….

  6. I live in the states and am glad that youtube has let me watch your AGT videos. I think you have a problem with authority and have a guarded attitude but I think that’s needed with your traveling. I love you music and think that you have brought your much needed style to todays music. I hope you get to tour in the states and would love to be there when you do. Thank you for doing what you do and I’m looking forward to hearing more! Cheers!

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